COVID-19 Policy Risk Assessment Toolkit

COVID-19 Policy Risk Assessment Toolkit

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The COVID-19 Policy Risk Assessment Toolkit will provide the tools to assist employers to implement a COVID-19 policy in your workplace. This practice kit will assist you to determine whether roles in your organisation need to be carried out by vaccinated employees and will not be superseded by the Government tool kit.

This Kit contains everything you need to follow best practice and the legal requirements in terms of the health and safety risk assessment, consultation process, advice to employees, and provides a process for termination of employment (with templates for required documentation) should it be deemed necessary. 

This Kit is for use in situations where a Public Health Order does not cover the roles in the workplace.

The Kit includes:
- A detailed step by step guide for undertaking a risk assessment to determine the need for employee vaccination.
- A detailed guide for the consultation process with employees including a template letter to employees and template policy.
- Best practice tips from an experienced legal team.

There is: 

- A Practice Kit  – Managing COVID-19 Vaccinations (PUBLIC HEALTH ORDER) is available free for those businesses whose employees fall under a PHO mandate. 

- A templated COVID-19 Testing, Vaccination and Travel Policy  available at Shop The Chamber should you not want the whole Toolkit.